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Our Goal
Creating inclusive spaces that are LGBTQIA+ Centered 
We are a network of daytime spaces that provide the LGBTQ+ community with access to employment, medical and housing initiatives. 
Our goal is to create a revenue generating system that feeds back into the community


For so many people, coming out is a bittersweet moment.
It is a time in their lives where they are at the crossroads of choosing to embody who they are at the expense of losing all that they hold dear; their loved ones, their support system, and often their safety.

From the beginning, they are not provided with
the same foundation of support necessary for them to thrive.
Our goal is to proactively work together to create a different outcome.

The Please Bloom Initiative was created to provide safe havens for LGBTQIA+ people through the creation of daytime spaces.
We aim to provide the Queer community resources to build a future
they can look forward to, and give them the support needed to get there.

Our movement is here to fight against the narrative that coming out results in losing everything. We are building a future with communities of thriving people of every IDENTITY!

Our Future
1. To own our own building in which we can support LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurship and create support systems for their success
2. To create an expansive network of spaces that develop long-term growth fo the community throughout the United States
3. To create a model of self-sustaining, revenue generating spaces to financially support initiatives that bring solutions for community challenges 
4. To be a beacon of hope and support for the community 
5. To use our resources to continue empowering individuals to create solutions for the community
Core Values
Education- Fostering comprehensive knowledge from LGBTQIA+ experiences, indentures, history and current events
Transparency- omitting to open communication of our initiatives and the allocation of resources according to the needs of our community 
Collaboration- Uniting with LGBTQIA+ and ally organizations to highlight opportunities and build platforms for community success.
Visibilty- Uplifting disenfranchised voices in our community through representation and support
Safety- Advocating and establishing protocols to lead all decision with our community's well-being in mind
Transformation- Amplifying the needs and creating resources for self-acceptance, emotional healing, professional and personal growth
Liberation- Dismantling systems of oppressions for and within all communities
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